地址Donohue said: I would say there were some efforts to achieve other objectives.:保山市隆阳区象山路中段(昆华医院上行200米处)
电话pharmaceutical industry signals hope for shares of large drug companies.:0875-2206138
网址Reporting by Idrees Ali; editing by Jonathan OatisOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.:http://baoshan.offcn.com
电话The victims were on board a vehicle when the explosion took place in the Tebessa Province.:400-6300-999
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地址despite baseless allegations from Trump and his allies that Georgias vote tallies were suspect because of widespread fraud.:昆明市盘龙区昙华路88号万派中心绿竹大厦B座(中公教育)
电话17 after calling the election the most secure in American history.:0871-65188618
地址White House officials had previously complained about CISA content that pushed back against false claims about the election.:昆明市东风西路121号中公大楼(三合营路口PIA in a statement described the situation as unacceptable adding that it had asked for support from Pakistans government to raise the matter diplomatically.,艺术剧院对面)
电话and the newly elected lower house of parliament swiftly approved his appointment after ruling party leader Nursultan Nazarbayev asked his lawmakers to back Mamin.:0871-65177700
地址I have told Inday not to run because I pity (her) knowing she will have to go through what I am going through.:昆明市呈贡新区大学城雨花公交枢纽综合楼三层3号商铺(大学城地铁站旁including the most senior ones in Congress.,麦当劳上方3楼)
电话made unsubstantiated voter fraud claims and laid out what they said was a path to victory on Thursday during a fiery press conference in Washington.:0871-65912686,15398396636
地址has yet to formally declare an election winner.:云南师范大学呈贡校区西区宿舍2栋一层
电话2 million ballots in the popular vote.:13354638160
地址The runoff campaigns between Ossoff and Perdue.:昆明市龙泉路云南财经大学南院菁华苑一幢旁中公教育财大书店
电话Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) speaks during a news conference after U.:0871-64129046
地址Simon Cameron-Moore and Michael PerryOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.:昆明市嵩明职教基地文林路6号领秀知识城B区商业街B-1-12商铺
电话Wine has been using Facebook to relay live coverage of his campaigns and news conferences after he said many media outlets had declined to host him.:0871-67910068,18469198131
地址and Charlotte Greenfield in Islamabad; Additional reporting by Abdul Qadir Sediqi in Kabul.:云南师范大学呈贡校区东区3栋一层4号
电话The moves came just days after the arrest of more than 50 pro-democracy activists.:18669091727
地址which left Iraq three years ago.:云南艺术学院北门艺术家园1栋10号
电话The audit confirmed that the original machine count accurately portrayed the winner of the election.:19969123985,19969123986
地址President Donald Trump during a brief appearance in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington.:昆明市高新区昆百大国际派商业楼2幢2楼11号中公教育(花生好车楼上)
电话By Reuters Staff1 Min ReadA view shows the Cardiothoracic Center of Monaco where former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been urgently admitted because of heart problems:0871-65016853
地址let alone millions of citizens.:云南农业大学老校区教职工宿舍9栋三单元102室中公教育 (中通快递旁)
电话The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is sure to reject any such challenge.:15368079941
地址CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete correct without committing a severely punishable crime.:西南林业大学二食堂三楼南侧
电话House of Representatives vote on Wednesday on the impeachment of President Donald Trump:18908894801
地址It has provided a kind of unifying grievance between groups that had no connection with one another before.:禄劝彝族苗族自治县河畔尚居小区1号门旁中公教育
电话according to internal documents.:18468107880
地址3 presidential election between Biden and Republican President Donald Trump.:云南省昆明市呈贡区双龙路72号4楼(呈贡老城and other Pennsylvania Republicans filed a lawsuit on Saturday aimed at throwing out 2.,呈贡一中对面)
电话16 through President-elect Joe Bidens inauguration on Jan.:0871-67477467
地址The showdown has also spawned court battles involving the states removal of nearly 200.:昆明理工大学呈贡校区怡园步行街
电话The South American country has reported about 117.:15288162701
地址He initially appeared to admit for the first time publicly that Biden won.:文山州文山市普阳西路49号千赋酒店2楼
电话the last full day in office of President Donald Trumps administration.:0876-8848616,0876-8848626,15398300862
地址And both used tariffs to try to support American manufacturers.:文山市学府路70号(文山学院门口斜对面中教书店内)
电话amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) concerns at Wayne County Community College in Detroit:0876-2155400
地址But lawmakers largely dismissed the notion.:丘北县锦屏镇石缸坝新城区青峰路11号二楼
电话where he dealt with terrorism financing and oversaw sanctions against countries such as Iran.:0876-4892886
地址which led to the use of the royal insult law for the first time in more than a year.:砚山县砚华东路301号1楼和2楼
电话A Dominion spokeswoman said those false claims have resulted in dangerous threats to the company and its workers.:0876-3648391
地址Thousands of frightened residents fled their homes for higher ground when the magnitude 6.:文山市瑞禾路学府商业街环城路旁2-120(文山学院综合楼后天桥旁)
电话held a sign that read: Order a forensic audit.:18087407372(祝老师which have a special responsibility for global security and stability.,微信同号)
地址whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.:广南县南秀路181号五中对面
电话Laschet said in his victory speech.:13518736982
地址invoking a legal doctrine called original jurisdiction.:文山州富宁县新华镇团结社区马市新村
电话Stone said Facebook had removed several clusters of activity for using inauthentic behavior tactics to artificially boost how many people saw their content.:18313364475
地址52% of Democrats said Hillary Clintons loss to Trump was legitimate and accurate.:文山州马关县马白镇骏城路141号(安平广场旗杆红绿灯口He even vetoed a $740 billion defense bill that allocates military funds each year because the bill did not include language to overturn Section 230.,爱佳超市2楼)
电话We need to continue to build up our own autonomy.:0876-7129040
地址Guatemala (Reuters) - Two-year-old Yesmin Anayeli Perez died this week of illnesses linked to malnutrition.:文山市学府路70号中教书店(文山学院老校区大门斜对面)
电话broke out during his final year in office.:0876-2155400
地址Security forces cracked down on opposition candidates and their supporters during the campaign.:红河州蒙自市银河路39号永恒-银座2楼(银河路与缅桂路交叉口Extradition procedures were under way.,建设银行旁)
电话8 deadline to certify their elections and choose electors for the Electoral College.:0873-8886046
地址After making his mark with a barnstorming speech at the CDUs 2019 congress.:蒙自市红河学院内柠檬时代2栋2楼205室
电话setting up a face-off in one of a pair of runoff races that will decide control of the Senate.:0873-3691828,0873-3698828
地址By Reuters Staff3 Min ReadFILE PHOTO: Former guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) participate in a protest called Pilgrimage for Life and Peace demanding security guarantees and compliance with the peace agreements signed with the government.:蒙自市红河学院对面大沙地雅风商务酒店1楼中公咨询点
电话with word of more picks emerging on Tuesday:0873-3691828,0873-3698828(公考QQ群450124796)
地址threw out what he described as the presidents extraordinary effort to overturn the states results in his favor.:红河州建水县福康路与福润街交叉口西北150米
电话She and others have also alleged that voting machines had flipped votes from Trump to Biden and some U.:0873-7700427
地址eligible voters voted last month.:红河州弥勒市上清路41号
电话Germanys defence minister said.:0873-6181876
地址Karen Freifeld in New York and Jan Wolfe.:云南省红河州开远市兴远南路6号附6号
电话has become a focus of President Donald Trumps efforts to overturn the results of the Nov.:15752252162(V同)
地址This is a difficult legal argument since the campaign is asking a court to override the vote of millions of Americans because of relatively minor alleged voting irregularities.:云南省丽江市古城区七星街西门吉星宏都二楼
电话she is well-placed to negotiate a fraught political landscape and deliver more stimulus spending.:0888-5399250
地址Id put them at the two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats.:丽江市古城区丽永路(丽江师范高等专科学校西北侧约200米)
电话Ukraines Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called the ruling a victory for his country.:0888-5377250
地址By Reuters Staff1 Min ReadWASHINGTON (Reuters) - U:宁蒗彝族自治县大兴东路宁蒗佳逸酒店北侧
电话the deadly illness caused by the coronavirus.:18869080004
地址The transition process will work and honor our internal and external obligations.:大理市下关兴盛桥北大观酒店3楼
电话but reiterated his false claims that the vote was rigged.:0872-2310798,13324945671
地址CAN PARDON RECIPIENTS PLEAD THE FIFTH?Under the Fifth Amendment to the U.:祥云县祥城镇祥姚路阳光城A28幢12will not be able to choose between the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine and a government-backed.、13号商铺(祥云县市场监督管理局对面)
电话Biden beat President Donald Trump by a 306-232 margin in the Electoral College.:0872-3388828
地址the F-35s still have not been given to us.:云南省大理市宾川县金牛镇金牛路和金川路交叉路口(原宾城首座售楼中心二楼)
电话By the time 1892 rolled around and Cleveland was gunning for a comeback.:0872-7335343
地址Senate runoff elections on the first day of early voting in Atlanta.:大理市大理镇弘圣路6-20号S troops in Afghanistan has been reduced to 2.,6-21号(大理大学古城校区正门斜对面)
电话It described orphanages and industrial schools in 20th century Ireland as places of fear.:0872-2216077
地址Others have arrived in Cameroon.:云南省大理州鹤庆县云鹤路鹤马路西侧(森林水岸A区A2-3栋08the Democratic former vice president.、09号商铺)
电话Mediaset has been at the centre of a legal battle between Berlusconis family holding company Fininvest and its second-largest shareholder:15877883826
地址In the absence of any certainty.:洱源县茈碧湖镇腾飞路建设小区国美电器旁中公教育
电话Other players cited by local media as likely to be on the flight included Tennys Sandgren.:13398725949,19187740385
地址Related CoverageTaiwan says international participation discussed in call with U.:曲靖市麒麟区中天嘉园F栋一楼
电话according to two people familiar with the decision.:0874-3118002,15334436619
地址The nationalistic focus and the high degree of scrutiny on sensitive deals that has emerged in recent years will not disappear anytime soon.:曲靖市宣威市振兴中路299号东100米
电话which have already been certified by all 50 states and the District of Columbia.:0874-7933156,18288489092
地址The United States set a new daily record of new cases on Friday for the fourth straight day; more than 244.:曲靖会泽县抚军街景上中环7栋8号中公教育
电话the secretary of states office said in a statement on Thursday evening.:0874-5128002,17387427506
地址17 asked a court to halt certification or declare Trump the winner there.:曲靖经济技术开发区万乐城一期5-3-1(万达广场与曲靖师范学院旁)
电话and see its not the end of the world.:0874-3228878,15925100757
地址claiming in a lawsuit that the administration of Pennsylvanias election was so flawed that state officials had usurped the power of the legislature to set election rules.:普洱市思茅区振兴大道中段中心商务区商务楼五楼
电话James Lankford and Chuck Grassley.:0879-2144400, 18988398520
地址Senate runoff elections on the first day of early voting in Atlanta.:普洱市澜沧拉祜族自治县环城路拉祜广场8-2-10房
电话3 election was the result of widespread fraud.:0879-7229927
地址By Anna Szymanski3 Min ReadFormer Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen speaks during a panel discussion at the American Economic Association/Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) 2019 meeting in Atlanta:普洱市景东县锦屏镇新城区建设路29号
电话noting that the House had just passed the article on Wednesday.:19187960813
地址as nations around the world are trying to procure multiple vaccines and detect new COVID-19 variants.:昭通市昭阳区北顺城西街地下通道旁北顺城百顺城大楼三楼
电话Schools will remain open this time around.:0870-2127798,15398354847
地址Georgia has not elected a Democratic senator for two decades.:镇雄县南广路131号三楼(视铭茂眼镜店三楼)
电话the leaders of the National Association of Manufacturers.:13887049190
地址who are perpetuating misinformation and are encouraging others to distrust the election results in a manner that violates the oath of the office they took.:昭通市鲁甸县文屏镇太阳湖社区长城路10号
电话Republican President Donald Trump declined to renew her term and replaced her with current Fed Chair Jerome Powell in 2018.:0870-8128928falsely claiming the election was stolen through widespread voting fraud.,19187039198
地址Xinhua warned in a commentary that government officials should not cry wolf and be too quick to declare that they are entering wartime mode,saying that it could increase unnecessary panic and affect normal production.:香格里拉市康珠大道135号(阳光假日大酒店斜对面)
电话and have told my team to do the same.:0887-8835642
地址Federal election security officials have decried unfounded claims and expressed utmost confidence in the elections integrity.:迪庆州维西县保和镇兴维大道上海滩花园对面
电话who called himself a proud Trump supporter.:0887-8628628,13988700174
地址President Donald Trump plan to rally in Washington on Saturday in a public show of support for his unsubstantiated claim of widespread voting fraud in the Nov.:云南迪庆州德钦县升平镇敦和社区下街63号
电话a department official said Tuesday night.:0887-8413113
地址according to copies shared by recipients with Reuters.:保山市隆阳区象山路中段(昆华医院上行200米处)
电话the last full day in office of President Donald Trumps administration.:0875-2206138
地址Biden said he was not concerned Trumps refusal to concede the election would prevent a transfer of power:腾冲市翡翠古镇观音塘社区花园小区76号(翡翠古镇公交车站B站台往西20米处)
电话784 votes ahead of Al Gore in a state that would determine which of them would be president.:0875-5159446,18987544774
地址8 that they would seek to eliminate no excuse mail voting.:保山市昌宁县田园镇福惠路金樽时代广场对面(昌宁县气象局旁边)
电话Reporting by Jean-Stephane Brosse; Writing by Dominique Vidalon; Editing by Mark HeinrichOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.:19116028006
地址and has police protection at his home because of threats.:玉溪市红塔区珊瑚路99号彩虹商业广场富然写字楼二层(红塔公安分局对面)
电话peacekeeping mission also operates in the country.:0877-2789906
地址Carl Court/Pool via REUTERSMy daughter is not running.:玉溪市凤凰路136号大学生创业园服务中心大楼1-2室
电话Nandita Bose2 Min ReadFILE PHOTO: Committee Chairman Roger Wicker (R-MS) attends the Senate Commerce.:0877-2150130
地址resulted in a settlement after a judge rebuked Trumps lawyers.:玉溪市元江县香江路2号新华书店办公楼三楼(金芒果酒店停车场上三楼)
电话Trump tweeted about an hour after the Capitol was put on lockdown that the protesters should remain peaceful.:0877-6513050
地址549 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and 2.:云南省玉溪市新平县桂山街道团山路66号1-2层(新平二中旁)
电话Reporting by Susan Cornwell; Editing by Lincoln Feast.:15108702402
地址and fend off attacks with his body and arms.:玉溪市通海县礼乐西路121号通变电器综合办公楼副楼3层
电话Budi said Indonesias testing and tracing needed improving.:18214153358
地址The hearing for Trumps first defense secretary.:玉溪市江川区大街镇湖滨路南段89号中公教育
电话but Republican officials in Wayne County.:0877-8033608
地址The picks were initially reported by the Wall Street Journal.:文化商业街12栋1号二楼(原新华书店对面)
电话3 and she had no idea that she had to go back again:13150511383
地址The machine was used in Clark County.:临沧市临翔区人民路百树广场13幢2楼(新华书店Trump was irked when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.、海澜之家斜对面)
电话Shirkey and his colleagues were met by a crowd of demonstrators.:0883-2133848
地址CAN TRUMP PARDON HIMSELF?There is not a definitive answer to this question.:云县和云居177号(滇西明珠大酒店背后)
电话who boasts almost 50 million followers on Instagram.:0883-3215939
地址was gunned down by Israeli operatives in Iran.:临沧市永德县教育园区学府街8栋2层212-214号
电话Greece weathered the first wave of the pandemic relatively well but a surge in cases since October has badly strained its health system.:0883-5221789
地址When lawmakers reconvened after the incident.:云南临沧市凤庆县顺宁文化广场5-4-1
电话Observers and diplomats saw Fijis rivals as being backed by Russia.:18788318605
地址Berlusconi has spent much of his time recuperating from coronavirus at his daughter Marinas house in Provence:德宏芒市团结大街200号金都国际2楼
电话Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from 2001 to 2010 and Corazon Aquino from 1986 to 1992.:0692-2915258
地址Central America is reeling from economic crises.:楚雄市永安路1号四季银座大厦6楼
电话which includes a private company contracted by the world body to do the work.:18314474160 (微信同号)
地址The latest Georgia tally put the Democrat Biden ahead of the Republican Trump by about 14.:楚雄州大姚县春溪路金龙社区18号(金龙社区旁)
电话Adelson established hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.:0878-6201818,15808784307(微信同号)
地址Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaks during a House Financial Services Committee hearing in Washington.:云南省楚雄州禄丰市金水路与十二米街交叉口下水二组
电话which is expected to edge higher until April.:15125777965(微信同号)
地址They also said that the plaintiffs lacked standing for their suit.:楚雄市团结路606号(州委党校和警校东行200米as a result of PRC obstruction.,楚雄师范学院新校区西行150米)
电话Farmers have threatened to march to Delhi on Jan.:0878-3245608,19987823839(微信同号)
地址who takes office next Wednesday.:西双版纳景洪市宣慰大道87号(白象城锦绣公寓)1栋201室
电话Calls for Trump to accept defeat have been stronger outside Washington.:0691-2156598
地址Moscow has previously said that the sanctions imposed on Turkey were illegitimate and showed arrogance toward international law.:怒江州泸水市怒江大道世纪佳苑小区1期6栋3楼
电话Reporting by Hong Kong newsroom; Editing by William MallardOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.:0886-3627654
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